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A Ballad of Camino del Norte (2022)

A Ballad of Camino del Norte (2022)

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A Ballad of Camino del Norte is a rhythmic journey traversing one of the world's most legendary trails, the Camino de Santiago. 800kms, 30 days of walking.

Based upon real events, it's a story of emotional recovery and self-development. Heartbreak, regret and rejection are transformed by the rhythms of nature, and the daily joys of walking.

Written in a flowing and creative style, the "Ballad" is a chronology of poetic observations that read as fluidly and easily as novel. Somewhere between lyrics, non-fiction, and prose.

This tale of redemption, travel and transformation continues to inspire readers across the globe into a deeper relationship with the emotions that dwell in the darker corners of the heart.

Enjoy the mystery and movement of this remarkable journey.

Written in Spain and Aotearoa. Made in NZ.

Cover Design by Moha Winders, Jake Munro, Delilah Pārore Southon and Nicholas Stringer. Cover photography by Manuele Carnevali.

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